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Emily Dickinson 10 December 1830-15 May 1886 Personal context (, 2011, internet) Emily Dickinson was an American poet who was born in Amherst, Massachusetts in a procreative family with strong community ties. She had a mostly introverted and cave dweller life. (Wikipedia, 2010, internet) Her friends: Throughout her life, she seldom left her house and visitors were scarce. The people with whom she did acknowledge in contact, however, had an enormous impact on her thoughts and poetry. She was particularly affected by the Reverend Charles Wadsworthshe called him my closest earthly friend. Her family: She spent a great deal of this conviction with her family. Her father, Edward Dickinson, was actively involved in state and national politics. Her brother capital of Texas attended faithfulness school and became an attorney. Dickinsons younger sister Lavinia also lived at home for her entire life in similar isolation. Lavinia and capital of Texas were not only family, but smart companions during Dickinsons lifetime. Her publish (or her writing interest): Dickinsons poetry reflects her loneliness and the speakers of her poems generally live in a state of want, but her poems are also scintilla by the intimate recollection of inspirational moments which are unimpeachably life-giving and suggest the possibility of happiness. Social context 1.religious precept - Emily Dickinson Emily religious experience was not a open intellectual statement of belief; it could be more accurately reflected in the beauty of nature, and the experiences of ecstatic joy. Religion in her time was pressure, so she doesnt want to follow the Church. Although her poetry expressed aggravated intimate experiences, this separation from established religion is a fixings in her uncertainties and fluctuations in sentiment, evident in many poems. 2.Education Emily was a clever conscientious student. She was able to study a bunk of subjects from La tin to English Literature. However, her stud! ies were often interrupted by...If you want to generate a full essay, order it on our website:

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